Twin + Multipack

Blue Thunder & Grave Digger - Gears And Galaxies
Whiplash & Monster Mutt Dalmation - Gears & Galaxies
El Toro Loco Vs Son-Uva Digger - Series 20
Grave Digger Vs Razin Kane - Series 20
Grave Digger And Northern Nightmare - Series 18
Grave Digger Vs Soldier Fortune- Series 21
Scooby Doo And The Mystery Machine - Double Down showdown
Monster Mutt And Earth Shaker - Zombie Vs Hunter
Blue Thunder And Full Charge - Dirty To Clean Colour Change
Alien Invasion And Soldier Fortune Black Ops - Reveal The Steel Colour Change
Grave Digger And Mystery Machine - Reveal The Steel Colour Change
Grave Digger The Legend And Grave Digger - Reveal The Steel Colour Change
Dragon And ThunderBus - Dirty To Clean Colour Change
Bone Shaker And Rodger Dodger - Demolition Doubles
HW Safari And Wild Streak - Demolition Doubles
Police And Hooligan - Demolition Doubles
Raijyu And Koumori - Demolition Doubles
DragBus And Volkswagen Beetle - Demolition Doubles
Bigfoot And Snakebite - Demolition Doubles -
Land Rover And Unimog - Demolition Doubles
Gunkster And Race Ace - Demolition Doubles
Silverado And Raptor F150 - Demolition Doubles
Wrexplorer And Mega Wrex - Demolition Doubles
Horse Power And Aqua Stallion - Earth & Surf
MaxD And Zombie - Earth & Surf
Monster Mutt Poodle And Scooby Doo - Series 20
Grave Digger And Megalodon Ride On's - Series 23
Bakugan Dragonoid And Batman - Series 18
Grave Digger And Calavera - Series 19
Alien Invasion Vs Bakugan Dragonoid - Series 22
Knightmare Vs Thunderbus - Series 22
Mohawk Warrior Vs Stone Crusher - Series 22
Michelangelo Vs Donatello - Demolition Doubles
Earth Shaker Vs Grave Digger - Nitro Neon Series 1
Zombie Vs Bakugan Dragonoid - Ntro Neon Series 1
Sparkle Smash Vs MaxD - Nitro Neon Series 3
Son-Uva Digger Vs El Toro Loco - Nitro Neon Series 3
Dragon Vs Sparkle Smash - Series 23
Grave Digger Vs Avenger - Series 25
Racing Stripes Vs Rainbow Blast - Series 25
Pirate's Curse Vs Megalodon - Series 23
Octon8er Vs Crushtation - Series 25
Blue Thunder Vs Full Charge - Series 25
El Toro Loco Vs Monster Mutt - Series 27
Bakugan Dragonoid Vs Bakugan Dragonoid - Series 27
Grave Digger Vs Grave Digger The Legend - Series 27
Bad Company Vs Earth Shaker - Series 27
Northern Nightmare And Yeti - Colour Change

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